​Food industry

​Food safety is a current and urgent issue whose importance will only increase due to the growing world population and increasing prosperity.

Due to the high level of public attention a minor incident may easily lead to huge damage to the corporate image, a decline in sales or even the demise of a brand.


  • ​Our proven and certified systems guarantee an uninterrupted, safe and efficient production process. Breakdowns are reduced to a minimum, so that hygiene, food safety and optimum shelf life are assured.

  • UV can be used to disinfect the product itself as well as the packaging material, the production equipment and the transport systems by means of ‘dry’ treatment, in which no chemicals are used. In this way the shelf life of the products is optimised.

  • We supply both flow-through systems for fluids and systems for surface treatment.

  • Van Remmen UV Techniek is advised by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG)


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